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2017 Bantam Elite Hockey Tournament

Friday August 11, 2017, | Sunday August 13, 2017,

2017 Minnesota Bantam Elite Hockey League Tournament

at the Sanford Center

Friday, August 11

Saturday, August 12

Sunday, August 13


Tourney Rules

-All games will be played under modified MSHL Rules (same as Regular Season).

-In case of tie, there will be a 4:00 Sudden Death OT.

-If tied after Overtime, 3 Man Shootout (International Rules).

League Tie Breaker

2 Way Tie

1. Head to Head (Most Points in Games Played)
2. Goals Allowed (Head to Head)
3. Goal Differential (Head to Head)
4. Goals Allowed (Overall)
5. Goal Differential (Overall)
6. Coin Flip

3 or 4 Way Tie

1. Average points per game between all tied teams will determine order of remaining teams. For example, Team A plays 5 games between the three tied teams and has 10 points (2.0 average), Team B plays 4 Games and has 6 points (1.5 average), and Team C plays 5 games and has 7 points (1.40 average)...the order of finish would be A, then B, then C. 

2. If there are 2 teams tied after tiebreaker 1, see Two Way tiebreaker.
3. If there are 3 teams tied (in case of 4 Way tie), see Three Way tiebreaker.
4. Goals Allowed (Overall)
5. Goal Differential (Overall)


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