Sanford Steps

Sanford Steps

Sanford Steps 2018-2019 Season

Welcome to the Sanford Steps program at the Sanford Center!

General Information:

The Sanford Center concourse is available to the public to use this winter as a safe place to stretch your legs and walk. The 2018 season starts in November and goes through February 2019.


Upon arrival, enter through the main entrance at the Sanford Center and swing into the administration office to sign-in and receive a badge. The main entrance is located on the right side of the facility as you look from the parking lot. Badges must be worn by participants at all times while in the Facility. All badges are to be returned upon departure.

Schedule of Availability:

Walking is available from 9:00-11:00am.

The schedule of dates available will be released approximately every two weeks. Please note, the schedule is subject to change due to events taking place at the facility.

Upcoming Dates:

Week 1: 11/05, 11/06, 11/07, 11/08

Week 2: 11/13, 11/14

Week 3: 11/19, 11/20

To receive the most recent schedule updates, follow the Sanford Steps 2018-2019 Season event on The Sanford Center Facebook Page: