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Junior Islanders Hockey Tournament

Friday May 19, 2017, | Sunday May 21, 2017,

The Junior Islanders Hockey Club was started in 2012 by two Bemidji youth hockey coaches, Chris Justice and Shane Mattfield.  Both coaches saw the benefits of hockey for the kids they had coached throughout the community hockey season and how their brand of coaching helped kids excel at youth hockey and build better relationships with their teammates.  Under these ideals, the coaches formed their first AAA youth hockey team in 2012 by pulling kids from various communities in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to ensure the kids could experience the diversity of other programs across these states and hopefully build life-long relationships with new teammates as well.  Needless to say, they have achieved this goal and they continue each year to try and build upon the competitive opportunities given to area youths and help them succeed in both sports and life.

Positive Life Lessons:  "Jr. Islander" hockey is about building the character of our players so it is viewed as positive by their team members and other team's players and coaches.  Players in our club program commit to their duties, obligations and functions to become a valued member of our society.  A Jr. Islander never underestimates or belittles an opponent and is always gracious regardless of the outcomes of the games.  Junior Islanders are always understanding and respectful of the duties of the referees, game workers, and its hosts.

Leadership:  Coaching is the primary vehicle for teaching kids the benefits of the game and how these qualities are important in life.  We try to set an example for the kids on our teams that Leaders listen and encourage and support others to succeed.

Working Together:  Family is important to our organization as it takes a family to develop the child and the organization so it can reach as many kids as possible.  Our team works together as coaches and parents so the best examples can be provided to the youths in our program on how working together and putting others ahead of your own needs is beneficial to all.

Citizenship:  The character development of the youth of our organization is of utmost importance.  The lessons of leaving places better than we find them, opening doors for others, picking up after yourself and others, and a simple "thank you" are inherent in the values of the Junior Islanders Hockey Club.


2017 Junior Islander Cup

May 19-21, 2017

Sanford Center Arena
Bemidji, MN

Current Teams:
04 Jr. Islanders
04 Jr. Sioux
04 Red Army
04 Wild
04 Machine

08 Jr. Islanders
08 Jr. Sioux

For more information:

Main Contacts for the Organization

Head Coach:                                       Chris Justice                          cell:  218-556-4953                 e-mail:
Asst. Head Coach:                              Shane Mattfield                      cell:  218-760-8118                 e-mail:  
Tournament Director:                          Jessica Niemi                         cell:  218-556-6242                 e-mail:
Board Member:                                   Jason Niemi                            cell: 218-766-6984                  e-mail:
Board Member:                                   Sarah Justice                          cell: 218-308-0670                  e-mail: 


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